The Pointy End

That’s where we’re headed everyone. From next week, when exams are kicking off the whitehouse ill be reverting to holiday mode, only being open from 10-6…unless you want to have a function maybe???

Let us know, just hit the contact tab, and send us some information.

Onesie more unto the breach

Tomorrow is the big day everyone. It’s Oktoberfest. You’re Welcome Oktoberfest ticket winners.

That means washing the stains off last years lederhosen, not losing your Oktoberfest ticket and settling into the roundhouse precinct for a night of unbridled PARRRRRTY…

BUT before all that, why don’t you wander up to the whitehouse for ONESIE-TOBERFEST the world’s only festival for Onesies. We’ll be open till 5:30 (or later if need be) and be in a onesie for maximum appreciation (and special prices/prizes).Tomorrow is the big day everyone. It’s Oktoberfest. You’re Welcome Oktoberfest ticket winners.

p.s If you don’t have a onesie, bring a snuggie and say it’s a ghost onesie


That’s right, there’s still a chance to get tickets to Oktoberfest everyone. Simply buy a drink at the whitehouse, and fill out an entry form. NEXT MONDAY we’ll draw eight lucky winners who’ll get to go to Oktoberfest FREE OF CHARGE.

That’s what I’m talking about. It’s like the death sentence on your social life maybe commuted. BUT THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO WIN, AND THAT”S TO DRINK AND ENTER RESPONSIBLY!

Whitehouse out.

New weeks, new specials, old promises

Hi Everyone that reads me.

The Whithouse has heaps going on all the time. Past 2 weeks we’ve had live music on friday night, and dry ice armgeddon parties.

But all of that pales in comparison to the massive drink specials that we have for the discerning drinking public. Set your responses to stunned and read on:

Monday – $9 boags and snacks after 6pm
Tuesday – Punchbowl and a Pizza $30 (WHAAAT!?!)
Wednesday – Friendsday Fourth Schooner is free when you buy a round of beers
Thirstday – Bonus Beer happy hour 6-8pm where all beers are $4
Friday – Thank FSM it’s Friday, Business Card draw $50 bar tabs up for grabs. WOO!

Having done that, now get on with your long weekend. BAM

Annnnd, we’re back

Well a belated happy start to session to you too. I know the blog has been a bit quiet recently, but we have not been lazy, we’ve just been quietly conscientious, doing many things, in the following punny list form.

– “Served” up a new menu – All new pizzas, wraps and salads…they re delicious, check them out up there .

– Have “posted” up a new art exhibition, a preview of “PostSecret UNSW’ – If you want to participte come in and pick up an addressed envelope, then send in a secret.

– “There will be PAINT” – next week at the whitehouse when a teaser for upcoming artsweek is on. A fully fledged art battle will be taking place next to the beer garden for everyone to watch. More details on the artists very, very soon.

If any of this came as a surprise to you check out our excellent snakes and ladders game to see what’s going on. Now with free die (six sided cube). And coming soon, we’ll have a spoon of the week, where we highlight one of our many excellent spoons. HAPPY WEEK 3 EVERYONE!